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The Infinite Penguins PHP Personal Page Producer (IP5), is designed to be a modular dynamic website system based on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) platform (although much of it can run on a Windows system). The system is intended to be quick and simple to install and customise, for anyone (including those who are non-technical) with a LAMP server already in place.

The code is already in use on my own sites, and as development proceeds the intention is to wrap it up in a form suitable for easy, modular exploitation on other websites. This will consist of standardising various parts of the maintenance and access control systems, and removing the necessity for direct database operations for some of the higher-level system control.


(List under development - see also the to-do list)

System Core

  • User Account System
    • User-driven account generation with validation of email address
    • Simple, clearly explained procedures.
    • Email account recovery in case of lost password
    • Password and Address change facilities
  • Login System
    • Passwords stored in encrypted form and sent only at login.
    • User identified by session-expiry cookies consisting of session id and username.
    • Sessions expire automatically with no activity.
    • User automatically validated on every page.
  • Global Permissions System
    • Generic systems controls access to all site features for consistency and ease of use.
    • Based on Access Control Lists, avoiding the need to set every permission directly for every user.
    • Users can control access to their data with the same system.
    • Easily extensible database-managed permission classes.
  • Softpage CMS
    • Allows site-based maintenance of most pages.
    • Only basic HTML required.
    • No FTP or shell access or knowledge required.
    • Customised access to CMS via permissions system.
    • Dynamic elements from all modules available through special IP5 function tags.
    • Mnemonics allow linkage via a short text string rather than numeric id.
  • Module installation system (in design stage)
    • No file editting required for modules.
    • Installed modules managed in database.
    • Installation page adds required database tables and permission classes, links module maintenance and search options into site.
  • Advertising Manager
    • Display random advert (weighted by effectiveness) on any page.
    • Outgoing clicks logged.
    • Single-page ranked viewing of adverts with CTRs.
    • Easy management of new and existing adverts.
  • Misc
    • Installation - unzip core tarball, and provide key variables (site name, file paths, DB access details etc) by editing a few key files.
    • Generic comments system can allow user feedback directly on each element.
    • User can easily find and maintain "own records" via maintenance page.


  • Common Elements
    • Site owner notification of public additions.
    • Data of many modules searchable.
    • Common file and directory structure.
  • Photo Albums *
    • Secured albums with user-controlled access.
    • Images uploaded directly to website.
    • Auto-generated thumbnails and indexes.
    • Images displayed at multiple resolutions with owner-added captions.
    • Optional viewer-added captions.
    • "Unlisted" albums suitable for storing pictures for use within site pages.
    • Mnemonics allow linkage via a short text string rather than numeric id.
  • News listing *
    • Reverse-chronological index of titles and abstracts, split over multiple pages.
    • Index displays number of views and comments with links to story.
    • Postdating possible for embargoed stories.
    • User comments recorded alongside stories.
    • Stories categorised, sortable by source.
    • Weekly newsletter sending (by crontab) with user-specific links.
    • RSS feed for desktop reading or inclusion on other sites.
  • Events listing *
    • User-submitted events displayed in summary calendar format.
    • Index links through to detailed event information page.
    • Calendar displays only current and upcoming events - never becomes outdated.
    • RSS feed of upcoming events for desktop reading or inclusion on other sites.
  • Address Directory *
    • Addresses can be linked with any number of custom services.
    • Hierarchal browsing by county and service.
    • Can identify UK postcodes and link to map on Multimap.
  • Discussion boards *
    • Multiple threaded forums
    • Controlled access and pre/post moderation.
    • Users can request thread updates by email.
    • New posts notified to site admin.
    • RSS feed of new threads for desktop reading or inclusion on other sites.
  • RSS Viewer *
    • Reads most RSS formats through the Magpie RSS Library
    • Optional feed caching
    • Static tabular display by
      • Call from script
      • Server-side inclusion
      • Inclusion as IFRAME
      • Client side inclusion as javascript
    • Dynamic display by javascript as
      • Sequential headline display (with optional fade effects)
      • Ticker display (pause on mouseover)
    • Fully configurable
      • Colours
      • Title and description truncation
      • Item count limit
      • Timing options
    • Converts UTF8 and 8-bit ASCII to HTML entities
  • Links Manager *
    • Links stored in hierarchal categories
    • "Shorter link" redirection URLs
    • Automated periodic link validator
    • Display of "link goodness" in page
  • Glossary application *
    • Single-page display seperated by letter headers.
    • Terms and definitions user-submitted and maintainer-screened.
    • Terms can have multiple definitions.
  • To-Do List *
    • Items ordered by priority 1-10.
    • Selected viewers can view hidden and "done" items.
  • Hit Counter
    • Simple graphical databased counter with optional "done" cookie.
  • Viewer Polls
    • Simple multi-choice viewer polls
    • Can be inserted on any page
    • Simple permission-protected config interface
    • Currently one-per-site active
  • Who am I? quiz generator
    • Easily generate multi-target, multi-question quizzes.
    • Versatile scoring for each target on each answer.
    • All questions, answers, scorings easily modifiable.
    • Test mode confirms that each target is attainable.
    • Image upload feature pending.
  • Web FTP upload application
    • Currently upload-only, requires knowledge of paths on remote server.
  • User Calendar Application
    • Multiple, protected calendars per site.
    • Simple add/manage interface.
    • Tabular (wallchart-style) displays.
  • Journal (under development)
    • Combined local journal and LJ client.
    • Automatic synchronisation with Live Journal.
    • Locally viewable and searchable.
    • Priveledges mapped to local access lists.

Pending Modules

  • Upload Manager *
  • ICAL file viewer
  • User Profile Page
  • Group Task Manager
    Assign tasks to any user, group visibility, email reminders, progress monitoring.
  • Shop (with basket)
Functions marked * are in use on UKCycling.Net (but may not be publicly accessible). Others will reappear on this site, or my personal site, as they are redeveloped.


Since this is a one-man project, development is fairly slow. I'm hoping to make most of the code downloadable before mid-2003.

The Essential Question

Hasn't someone done all this before?
Yes, this is just my form of it, allowing me coding practice and full control over the code.

Please, mail me to : mail@infinitepenguins.net

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