What on earth is a Magic Wand Massager??

Unless you have been living under the rock for the last decade, you know about the famous magic wand massager. This vibrator… or “massager,” has been the reigning champion of sex toys since its inception in the last decade. Truth be told, you’ll see more than a hundred other brands with a single google search, but none have shaken the popularity of the original magic wand found here.

In 2008, The Scientific World Journal published a research study saying that over 93% of a group of 500 chronic anorgasmic women could reach orgasm using the Magic Wand. Since then, the magic wand has been the most popular choice of every woman.

What are wand massagers?

The most famous Hitachi wand massagers were released in the 1960s. And it indeed became an instant craze in the next few decades.

As the name suggests, Wand massagers are massagers but don’t typically look like the wand you expect to see in wizard movies. They resemble a club, more than a wand with a bulbous head attached to a long staff.

The head produces the vibrations using powerful motors, which are used to soothe the body parts while held by the stable staff.

However, since the vibrations produced by wand massagers are rumbly and pleasing for the privates, females often use them as vibrators and are often referred to as wand vibrators.

How is the Magic Wand massager so popular amongst so many other brands?

The Hitachi magic wand massager is like the king of all vibrators and massagers. Not only has it maintained its position as the true leader of sex toys, but it has also satisfied more customers than most sex toys combined. But why is it so trendy? Here are a few pointers:

  • One of the most powerful motors in a massager
    To be fair, the magic wand original massager isn’t for the faint heart. With rumbly vibrations, the head of the magic wand can drive anyone nuts. This is one of the main reasons why it can beat any other massager wand out there in the market. However, the best part is that the staff remains utterly stable with no vibrations at all. This prevents the finger numbness that one gets with conventional vibrators and vibrator wands from other brands.
  • More use than conventional vibrators
    Unlike most vibrators, the Hitachi sex toy can be used for other purposes. You can use it as a conventional back massager by focusing on sore lower back muscles or change it to a lower setting and use it as a shoulder pain reliever. The point is that you can use it for several other purposes giving you more reasons to buy the magic wand massager.
  • Not overly complicated
    Most of us would prefer a simple vibrator that does the job without getting into the 100s of patterns and combinations. The Hitachi vibe wand has two simple modes of operation that is sufficient to give you toe-curling orgasms anytime you demand.

These simple points make the Hitachi magic wand a mighty sex toy for any person, man or woman. It has also been referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of vibrators” by Dr. Michael Krychman, a specialist in sexual health.

Is the Hitachi magic wand vibrator suitable for beginners?

To be reasonably transparent, the magic wand original is a powerful vibrator producing rumbly motions. So unless your privates can handle such strong vibrations, you can give it a pass.

But for girls who are already thorough with the expected levels of vibrations and want something more substantial to wrack their nerves, the magic wand vibrator will surely be their best friend.

Strong vibration. Would that desensitize the clitoris after repeated use?

The Hitachi vibrator wand has been carefully designed to not induce any damage to the nerve endings by softening the rumbly motions through the plastic head. Therefore you need not worry about any negative repercussions.

Also, you get the flexible vinyl tip with the wand massager. So you can maneuver however you like it and get as many orgasms as you desire.

Would you recommend the Hitachi Sex-toy to girls?

I absolutely would. The Hitachi wand has satisfied thousands of girls worldwide with its excellent vibrations. This wand vibrator is not only a simple device that gives you unfathomable orgasms but can also be used for other purposes. Furthermore, you can also be discreet if you have nosey unsuspecting eyes for its multivariate uses.

Just tell them that it’s for your sore back, and they’ll never guess anything else, mainly because of its unconventional size!